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It is always a good idea to brush up on your bedroom manners to ensure your partner has a very nice experience and make a return visit all the more possible. Although women are a little more refined when it comes to styles on or off the table, men need to realize do’s and don’ts that follow in the bedroom, just like simple dating. Brush up your abilities and boost your chances of multiple dates with a woman. Take a look at the top 10 screw-ups in bedroom etiquette that men make and some advice on how to protect yourself from such a faux pas.

Personal Hygiene

Change the habit if you use the same underwear twice. On a date, don't end up unshaven or unwashed. You're going to blow away your chances of having sex anyway. You are required to preserve good body odour, breath and even keep your pubic hair trimmed. Take the time in the right ways to groom and clean yourself. It doesn't hurt to excuse you, go to the toilet and quickly wash up before getting back to business if sex arises unexpectedly, as it often does.


After a few kisses, don't just leap into penetration. Understand and shift accordingly to her pace and what she wants. Foreplay doesn't involve kissing followed by BJ and then as intercourse they show in porn videos. To avoid literally ripping her clothes off do your best. While in the throes of passion, it's easy to get carried away, and it sure looks like fun in the movies, but somebody has to sew those buttons back on in real life. When it happens, she may not notice, but she will be pissed later that her favorite shirt is ruined.

No distractions

Because you have somewhere to go or the phone is ringing, don't interrupt things halfway. If it's a phone call that can't wait, excuse yourself kindly and come back to choose it in a different way from where you left! You should never let a ringing telephone disturb you in the bedroom unless you are expecting the most significant phone call of your life. If it's very important, the caller will leave a message or call back. By stopping to pick up the phone, it is not worth ruining the mood. It might be a little more difficult to ignore other distractions, including a roommate banging on your bedroom door. Take care of things quickly in that situation, and catch up where you left off.

Cuddle time

When you're done, don't just go to the other side of the bed and conk off or run into the bathroom to clean up. Cuddling is an integral part of sex etiquette, and no man should ever neglect it. It is a bad move etiquette-wise to immediately get up and leave the room post-coitus. It might not be your favourite thing to do but before you get out of bed you can bring in the mandatory cuddle time. It is valued by most women, and many of them expect it. Plus, you'll probably enjoy it as well if you relax and get into it.


Don't be greedy if you don't last that long, because she hasn't done with you. Rest for a few minutes because you need to find numerous ways to make her come along too! When you want to be known as a good lover, being greedy sexually is a huge no-no. Ideally, for all parties involved, sex should be equally pleasurable. Of course, this is not always feasible, but it should nonetheless be attempted. It is sufficient for one partner to treat the other with all the enjoyment they can handle without any obligation to respond every once in a while, but giving and receiving should be fairly balanced on a regular basis.

Experiments and anal penetration

You might enjoy trying various positions, but without notifying your partner, don't just turn to them. Actually ask her if she still has something new and different to try. Although it might be your imagination to massage her with chocolate sauce, she may be groused out because of it. Anally entering a call girl without asking her permission first is never OK. Ideally, before you end up close to the promised land, you can explore her anal desires well. Another explanation why participating in unplanned anal sex is bad etiquette is that there is some planning needed to be healthy and pleasurable.

Ejaculate during an oral

Announce it if you are reaching the finish line. Never ever ejaculate until she requests it when she gives you an oral. Whipping out the handcuffs and riding crops spontaneously is a major etiquette mistake in the middle of having sex and will freak her out even though she may have been open to the idea otherwise. Speak together about your fetishes and share your dreams. You may find that you have some things in common,

Finishing First

Typically, making sure your Call girl orgasms before you do is good etiquette. During intercourse, this does not have to occur and in fact, generally will not, because most women need an additional means of stimulation to get there. Using your face, mouth or props to get her off is perfectly appropriate. Until you stop, just make sure to do it and get too tired to help her get to climax. Try Durex® Performax® condoms to help you last longer if early ejaculation is a problem.

Say no to foreplay

Foreplay is a significant and anticipated part of making your Call Girls happy when it comes to sex, with the exception of the circumstances ,"No Foreplay Required," Don't forget, by pointing out how sexy she looks, you can begin foreplay before you even reach the bedroom. Women are suckers for compliments, and you're bound to enjoy yourself when you actually make it into bed together when you have her thinking sexy thoughts.

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Three hours will be the time to meet her for dinner date, club or outing and including extra services.
It's a Matter of privacy.In our team some girls are independent, college girls and housewives.they do not want show their identity in public.
It's Toally depends on availablity. if she is comfort and available than we will make arrangement for you.if you can book in advance if you want anyone specially.
You can call anytime throughout the day and spot booking is also available in our agency, but for surety purpose you should call at least half an hour early.
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Well, the rates vary from one girl to another and also depend on what services you are booking her for along with how much time you are going to spend with her. A lot of factors like this come into play when hiring an escort. You can contact Jaipur escort service if you want to know about the fee structure. it cost between 10000- 50000 INR  for an hour.
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interestingly, Prostitution is not illegal in India, per se. According to IPC, However several activities under prostitution are punishable by law- pimping, renting out property for running brothels etc.